*** TheVibe.Net Message Board ***

*** is once again back ***

*** ONLINE!!! ***

(06/16/08) The Database Error has been fixed with a backup reinstallation.

Thanks, especially, to those who alerted me to the problem in the first place. Now enjoy!

- Gerry

(06/15/08) Attention! There is a Database Error currently preventing anyone (including myself) from logging on to the Message Board. I have tried the few fix possibilities that I have under my control, but to no end. Therefore, I have contacted my webhost technical support, who is looking into the problem now.

I have (perhaps unfounded) hope that this will be a relatively easy thing for technical support to take care of. As always, your patience is appreciated, and we will get this board up and running as soon as possible.

Thanks to those who contacted me saying that the board was down.

Updates as needed,

- Gerry

(10/19/05) Ladies, gentlemen, and vibists of all ages,

I'm sure you know that we were knocked offline by some friendly hackers once again.  Well, I'm pleased to announce that I have installed another new software package, and we are operational once again.

Please check out the brand new, clean as a whistle...

TheVibe.Net Message Forum!!!
Thanks for your patience, and enjoy!

- Gerry Grosz

p.s. -- You might want to update your bookmarks.